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Mai - Owner/Manager

Mai has a pure and unconditional love for all animals great and small. She has a rather large fur-kid family of her own to tend to when done caring for everyone else's kids. Dogs, cats, fish, pythons and even a yabby to name a few!

Her passion is animals, they really are her life. She loves each and every one of our guests as if they were her own pet.


Shay joined us in early 2021. She has a clear love of all animals, but has a soft spot for bunnies.

Shay is still getting the hang of things in the office, so please go easy on her if she needs to call for help with tricky situations!


Viv is new to our team but has picked everything up quickly and is a pleasure to have on board with us. Viv has a big goody Bull Arab X so is use to "big dog antics" and has been working hard to rectify a few issues the pooch came with when she was adopted.

Viv almost has the hang of things in the office but may still need a little help at times, so please go easy on her!


Monika has just joined out little family and has fit right in. Monika is always happy and our guests absolutely love her.

Monika is still getting the hang of things in the office, so please have patience and go easy on her!



Ainsley has been with us since 2015 and is a much valued member of our little team. Ainsley takes care of the kitty cats on weekends and during school holidays giving them extra cuddles and attention. She also loves playing with and washing our poochy guests.


Jacinta started in 2023 with us as a junior cat carer, cleaner and cuddler. Jacinta is a cherished member of our team and is welcomed by many a cat. We are positive some of them wait for her on the weekends and holidays!


Layla joined us just recently in 2023 and absolutely loves keeping the cats company whilst she tends to their needs on weekends.



Jay joined the team in May 2016 and has been a valuable member.

Jay has now moved on to different adventures, but is still doing some casual work as needed so you'll still get to see her smiley face around PNC