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Our Cattery consists of 15 spacious condos, custom built to cater for the single or multiple cat household. Every condo has multiple-levels, a cat scratch post, hammock and hidey holes for privacy.

We also have a brand new play area with HUGE scratching posts, hidey holes and lots of toys for our guests to enjoy.

All of the condos are heated, air-conditioned and maintained to the highest possible standard. We are proud to welcome cats of any age OVER 18 WEEKS as long as they are fully vaccinated; must have had all 3 kitten vaccinations; with an F3 vaccination or higher and have been wormed prior to their holiday (last kitten vaccination is due at 16 weeks).

ALL male cats must be desexed.

Cats on medication are more than happily catered for including diabetic/insulin dependent animals as both our staff have veterinary nursing experience and are more than happy to provide this service. Medication MUST be provided in it's original prescibed packaging or it will not be accepted.

We prefer you not to bring any bedding or toys as we provide everything your feline friend will need for the duration of his/her stay.

All cats are housed individually unless they are from the same family and can be fed together.


Breakfast: Mixture of Whiskas and Friskies dry biscuits to munch on throughout the day

Dinner: Whiskas tinned food

Christmas: every feline friend recieves a special turkey dinner at Christmas!


New menu for the extra special Very Important Cats

Breakfast:  Your choice of Dine or Supercoat Dry biscuits to graze on

                   plus Dine or Fancy Feast Wet Food

Dinner:       Dine or Fancy Feast Wet Food

Christmas: every feline friend recieves a special turkey dinner at Christmas!


We also offer a range of optional extras such as tuna or nail clipping for your pet during their holiday (can be seen on optional extras page)


As we are a boarding facility, for the safety and comfort of our guests, we require all pets to be healthy, clean, well groomed and have a current F3 vaccination certificate AT  or PRIOR TO check-in.

Pets with badly matted hair or uncomfortably long nails will have matts removed and/or nails clipped if possible during their stay at the owners expense. This will be payable upon check-out.

For the safety of all our guests please ensure ALL cats are brought into the facility IN A SECURE CAT CARRIER









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